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Or specifically, when my brain doesn’t work. I’ve never liked that phrase. My brother used it a lot growing up, “Uh…. My brain’s not working.” I knew what he meant as he and I had a lot of the same issues (though, he has had a harder time overcoming some than I have). But still, the phrase leaves me feeling, — I don’t know — ignorant? betrayed? I know the right word is there.

I work as much as I can to keep myself going and connected. For some reason though, the past couple of weeks, this has not happened. I’m not exactly sure what happened to cause my brain to finally shut off, but it did. I was distant with all of you who come here, with those on lists I usually frequent, with my friends and family, and worse of all my husband and children. I didn’t stop caring for them, I just had a hard time connecting.

I’m back and trying to jump start my brain. Diving in head first, so to speak. I’ve done this before, but I’ve never had a reason why this happens. Even now, I don’t think I have a solid one. Just that I finally couldn’t really handle interactions. This is not an apology or an excuse or even a reason. But I hope that some of you read this and realize you’re not alone when these things happen.

Upcoming this week, Future Horizons’ SuperConference where Tony Attwood, Temple Grandin, Jed Baker and Carol Kranowitz will be speaking. I will be going for several reasons. I do plan on updating periodically from the conference via my phone. I do plan on helping with ASAN’s efforts to confront Tony Attwood’s associations with FAAAS and their affiliates.

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