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Thanks to my friends at ASAN, AS Parenting is getting some exposure. I wanted to welcome those who happen to click links across “blogdom.” ASAN has been wonderfully inviting.

ASAN, Autistic Self Advocacy Network, is what it sounds like. Autistic people advocating for change. I first heard of the group during the 2008 political campaign. Many parents of autistic kids fired arrows at the president of ASAN, Ari Ne’eman, saying he didn’t know what it’s “really like.”

At the time, I was pretty new to the neurodiversity movement. While I agreed with the sentiment, I had a hard time defending his statements. I refound ASAN when I finally settled back down here in Texas. After having reconfirmed my Asperger’s diagnosis, I can say without a doubt, I know what it is to live in an alien world.

I do believe, no matter how naive it sounds, that we can live in harmony. Whether or not they can live in harmony with us, we need to try to understand them as much as we want them to understand us. More on these thoughts later.

If you would like to be included in writing for ASP, please e-mail me! I would love to include others thoughts and suggestions!

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