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As if it’s not obvious, I have upgraded the website. We’re not running on WP 2.8 and bbP 1.0 RC3. The final of bbP should be coming out relatively soon. When it does, I will upgrade again. I don’t foresee any problems using the release candidate, but please do let me know if you run into any problems.

Jigsaw pieces in shape of house (Digital)

As well, I’ve used a service to get a more seamless integration. I do need to figure out why I’m getting their default logo for the posts. I am also looking for a way to have a feature news story at the top and underneath the categories, a way to have a livefeed of other blogs which are of importance to AS parents.

Finally, I redid the logo. I mainly did this because I’m hoping to make myself a t-shirt. I liked the old logo, but it doesn’t suit my personal taste for apparel. The new colors I feel do. If for some reason others decide they’d like to make it into a t-shirt, I don’t mind sending out the logo via email. I do have it in a much larger size. The logo was created by manipulating an infinity sign, adding a spectrum of colors, and then adding the two newly formed letters together. So there is an element of the neurodiversity movement symbol in it.

Please let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions on improvements!

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