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I do apologize for the delay in getting this out. I have been working hard unpacking, with physical therapy, at the boys’ school, and trying to find sources to get Daniel an iPad.

When we left off, I presented you with apps to help children with Special Needs. Some of the suggestions were for apps made specifically for this population, and others that are meant for general use. So I hope that you all found those apps useful.

Today is more for the Autistic parent reading this blog. These are apps I either use, or feel would be useful for people with other skills sets than myself. While some of these may be used in children and teens, I feel that have greater appeal to adults.

  1. Round to It – ($2.99) – This simple To Do app has multiple list support, options for creating gift lists, jotting down notes, and emailing those lists. It also shows things that are overdue and upcoming. So if you have trouble with executive functioning, it makes it really simple to look at and prioritize.
  2. All Done! – ($1.99) – Another To Do list app. I think this is more for people who have a hard time with a lot of bright colors and getting overstimulated. I prefer the color options to Round to It, but the neutral tones with this app certainly will appeal to other users.
  3. Relax – ($2.99) – This one is going to be useful for those of you who get overly anxious. It gives you a scene to look at and relaxing sounds to go with it. There are a variety of options (9) for whatever scene you find relaxing. They also update it with new scenes, including accepting requests from users.
  4. Groceries Grocery List – ($0.99) – Probably the most ingenious app I have seen yet! This app lets you customized to your local grocery store and price! It has commonly bought groceries, gives you total cost of the groceries you need, and flags coupon or sale items. Absolutely amazing to me!
  5. iPrompt – (FREE) – This is more for those of you who do any speeches or presentations. It’s a teleprompter. I love this option as I tend to shuffle and shake pages when I try to speak. So having this as an option is rather nice. It even has the option to control the speed at which your text scrolls, so no shuffling or pushing your pages to find where you’re at. Love this app, especially with as many speaking/listening sessions as I’ve attended thus far.

These are all I have for “adult only.” I’ll bring you another installment of There’s an App for That! (Everyone Edition) later this week. Hope you enjoy these!

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