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We are looking into starting a floortime/DIR approach with both of our boys. I have been thinking about it and feel this is the best way for our family. But as I look more into it, the more I realize the approach may be just as much for me as it is the boys.

As I think about it, I wonder how well this approach would work for ASD parents of NT kids as well. The fundamentals are getting down on the child’s level to get meaningful interaction. I’ve been told that this modality will be difficult for me because I inherently, through my Asperger’s, have a hard time with interaction. While I don’t agree that all people with Asperger’s have this problem, I do know my playskills are quite limited. I never did much typical play as a child.

Could this be a way to help an Autistic adult learn to give the interaction many children crave? I’m not talking about all adults, but those who want to learn, it seems like a viable outlet. I will think on this more, but wanted to put my musings out there.

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