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Ladies and Gentlemen readers,

I ask today that you all take the time to read this act ( ). There are many wholes in this proposed legislation, but there are some key elements that we as parents really need to look at. We have the ability to help make changes since we are in unique position.

“10.) Insurance companies must make available all resources for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders including but not limited to any items deemed necessary by the  physician for the treatment of metal toxicities and any other therapeutic orders their physician may order.”

This is point is a double edged knife. I wholely disagree with allowing chelation, but that is for everyone else to decide. The part that’s quite wonderful is that now we can comfortably get diagnosed with Asperger’s ourselves and have the option of receiving therapy for it. I know there are some who chose not to get diagnosed because some insurance companies will deny them therapies.

“12.) This Reform Act must be ‘open’ for additions as needed and create a 12 parent panel to propose such additions.”

I hate this portion and love this portion at the same time. I would hope that someone like ourselves would be able to get on the panel. But I do think it’s imparative that we push that not only parents sit on the panel but others with Autism Spectrum Disorders. While our voices as parents can  help, our voices as people with ASDs can do even more good.

Please take the time to write to these people. Make your voices heard.

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  1. Mary says:

    Behavior modification methods with early intervention work best if the parents of children with special needs can access or afford to have these appointments and therapies the child will be better off.

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