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Are Aspie/Autie families on the rise? It’s a current fascination of mine. Obviously, to me, having made this site, I do believe there are enough of us out there. Even the other day, two Aspie’s from a prominent ASD forum made us aware of their new bundle of joy. Just the search of “Aspie Family” brings up hits. While there are only a few that are relevant, it does have me thinking.

As our means of communication changes, does that mean we are able to meet and reproduce? Now, I know, many Aspies and HF Auties have gone on to get married and have kids. But does the internet give rise to those of us who may not have been so lucky? My husband (ADHD) and I met in a video game. These other two Aspies, I believe, met on the aforementioned message board.

With this focus away from brawn and beauty, (though, I doubt any of us would say our spouse isn’t pleasing to look at) towards brain and connection, are we setting ourselves up to adapt and procreate?

I happen to enjoy my Aspie/Autie family. While we do like “together time,” we don’t need to actively participate together to feel connected. Such as now, I’m on my computer, the husband is playing Final Fantasy, and our kiddos are in bed, presumably asleep. Even if they were awake, we may all be doing separate things, but together.

This does not mean we don’t have that personal participation together. Earlier tonight we put ornaments on the Christmas tree. Other times, we may sit and cuddle very closely (as none of us like light touch) to watch TV. We don’t even participate in much “chit chat.” Only when we need to get something out do we tend to converse a whole lot.

Well, except for S, he chatters all the time. It’s a constant bombardment of dialog about what he’s doing, if he can do it, and what he wants to do it. I’ve gotten to where I can tune it out, but my husband isn’t quite so lucky. That’s a totally different topic though. So I will leave you with the question posed. Are Aspie/Autie families on the rise? (See poll.)

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