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Daniel is in 3rd grade now. Did you guys know? This blog was started in 2008 so you guys have known us for nearly all of his school career. Both boys are definitely getting older as am I. We are all learning things about ourselves, where we live, where we work and where we play.

As an 8 year old, Daniel has learned a great deal of things, but some of them are not great things. They are things a lot of kids pick up. The difference is that Daniel is Autistic and has two separate aids with him rotating throughout the day. Every thing he does is recorded and told to us.

So what’s this all about? Next week we have an IEP meeting. We have a crew coming for our side and the school has their own crew. I hope they remember that we’re going to need more than the small conference room off the front office.

We’ve called this IEP meeting because Daniel has increased a variety of behaviors and has some that have re-emerged. They are occurring in frequency too. I’ve asked for the behavior data (which I haven’t received yet, but know a semester’s worth of behavior sheets are not going to be easy to copy). I’ve asked that the behaviorist to be there.

I know there’s a lot to do. We need to see if the BIP is not working any more and what needs to be tweaked. We also need to figure out what happened because his iPad hasn’t been used in quite some time. We also know he’s saying he’s tired more often, and that he’s hungry enough to where some days he gets the equivalent of 3 extra ‘meals’ per day. (Counting snacks as meals.) I’m also worried because he’s also escalating.

So plan of action:

  1. Go over the behavior data to see how often it’s occurring, why it’s occurring and what the responses are. We need to figure out what responses are no longer working or need to be tweaked.
  2. We need to see who is tracking the behavior, who is responsible for reporting, and how they’ve been trained. We know all of these things have an effect on what’s happening.
  3. We need to see what preventative strategies are being used and whether they need to be altered. We know that he’s not using his iPad for assistive tech, so we need to see what they’re using instead.
  4. We need to find out why the iPad isn’t being used and determine who needs to be trained to start using it properly. We know the iPad makes more sense for assistive technology because it increases independence.
  5. We need to figure out if he would benefit from regular visits to a psychologist/therapist. We know he’s getting very upset about being told no and when we correct others. He finds these acts to be mean, so I think it’s affecting his self-image and self-esteem.

These issues are compounded by the fact that we’re not seeing a lot of it at home. It’s very hard to figure out what’s going on without a lot of communication. We also know it’s affecting mine and my husband’s ability to work. With phone calls from the school happening often, it’s a waiting game to see what happening next.

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