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Can we talk about PTSD and triggers for a second? Not specific but big view. In the past couple of weeks, I had two triggers send me into flashbacks.. They were of different events and the triggers were unpredictable. I kind of fell into them on pure accident.

Most of my triggers are relatively easy to avoid without it affecting my life. I just don’t worry about it.. If I know they’re coming, I can take steps to mitigate them. It’s only really when they’re unpredictable that it causes problems, and this can be said whether or not I’m on medication.

But what to do when I have a flashback? Sometimes, the flashbacks are too intense and they just have to work their way through. But tonight I decided to somewhat take charge and distract my way to calming down at least to a point enough that I can think past the flashback. I took a three pronged approach.. I left the place that was causing the flashbacks. I asked for supportive friends to.. support. And I watched (still watching) Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos on Netflix.

I have had an occasion to think about PTSD with relation to autism. Is it easier to have PTSD and triggers because senses and emotions can be naturally heightened due to our neurology? Is it in the way I remember past events that cause flashbacks to be so intense? If so, what can possibly be done to not have further events happen to cause yet another moment end up as a flashback?

I feel like as long as there is power, there are those who will abuse it… and sometimes in the process of abusing power, people will inevitably be abused or neglected. So I just don’t know that given the world as it is now that it is even possible to avoid such negative events. Or maybe it’s in learning to recognize the abuse before it turns into such a problem? I don’t know. I would hate to think that’s the answer because it just leads to further loops of the powerless, those who are susceptible to those kinds of people, being damaged.

I can’t seem to wrap my head around a closure at this point. So I’ll leave you all here.

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