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I am happy to report that after a month of being a complete flake on just about everyone,  the cause has been completed! ASAN’sAutism Acceptance Month website is up and running. We will be rolling more content out over the month, but the starting point is done. I’m very happy that we have this up and running and that so far, everyone seems to like it!

As you can imagine, April is going to be a busy month. Starting on the 1st (yes, this upcoming Monday.), I will be joining with Ariane Zurcher, mother and blogger at Emma’s Hope Book and Brenda Rothman, mother and blogger at Mama Be Good on a webinar forICDL (the people that brought you floortime/DIR). We hope that you can join us. We will begin at 4pm ET. Titled Parenting Towards Acceptance, we hope to expose people to our journeys as parents and how we came to accept our children’s autism. We have three very different stories and hope to show that it’s never too late to turn things around. We are kicking off ICDL’s month long Autism Acceptance webinar series.

Then on Wednesday, I will be moderating a panel discussion about Autism and Employment with three Autistic adults who are gainfully employed. This is part of a larger event hosted by the DC Business Leadership Network.

Finally, the most exciting for me, my presentation for the Autism Society national conference was accepted!  I will be speaking on the subject of parenting your autistic children while keeping the principles of neurodiversity, social model of disability and general acceptance in mind. As well, I’ll discuss creating a home environment that gives everyone a chance to take breaks. Best of all, Autism Society is trying some new rates out this year. Autistic individuals get free registration and families are discounted. Families are up to 3 people, but considering a single registration is $300, that means you’re getting each person for half off. Obviously, not affordable for many, but it beats previous years pricing.

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