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I apologize for the lack of posts recently. I have been busy with side projects, life, and being AS. I say the last part as I knew I was going into a ‘meltdown’. I dislike the word meltdown to describe what we all go through. My son has meltdowns, but his are destructive. Mine are not in any way destructive to those around me.. It’s more like he’s an explosion, and I’m an implosion. Either way, it means that the order of our world has been shifted to a degree we cannot cope.

I write about this while I’m in the middle of a meltdown. I’m not dissociating. That is to say, I’m fully aware and I will remember this. As I have the other type of meltdowns where I do dissociate. But this was not a controlled meltdown like I typically like to have. Instead, I bit off more than I could chew. And just enough things piled on that I could not think. I just suddenly mentally collapsed.

So that prequel is to this. I was reading earlier an article on The Times. I’m sure others have read it by this point. Talking about whether or not ‘mentally handicapped’ adults should be allowed to reproduce and keep their children. While I would not consider myself in the MR area, it does strike close to home. The justification that those people should not be allowed to parent is based nearly solely on cost to the state. Fiscal cost.

How would people take me right now in those cases? I know my husband is capable of taking care of the kids in this moment. But that doesn’t seemt o matter over there as well. They have kept an MR girl from marrying an NT man who happens to be the father of her baby.

Why, when we are capable of communicating our needs, are we subjected to these views? That just because we need assistance, whether some or all of the time, we cannot be good parents, or parents at all. It saddens me.

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