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I read a blog recently that described me so well I was rather surprised. Every year, I think I’m going to do a better job of keeping my home clean and organized, my life more structured, start exercising, eat better, so on and so forth. And every year, I fail within the first week. I can’t keep up with it.

I’ve thought about ADLs. Not just the basics, but the instrumental ones as well. And I’ve read “spoon theory.” And as I thought about all these things together, I wondered what a better resolution may be.

I think my resolution this year is going to be to recognize my limitations and then respect them. Though, my husband does not think it’s something I can easily keep in check. I really want to do it.

I still wonder if I can come up with a way to do all those other “normal” resolutions with this one. Is it possible to say “You can designate 20 min a day to exercise and 20 additional minutes a day to¬† chores?”

That seems so doable, but I don’t think I will follow through. There’s going to be a day that I have to go to the school for something and it’ll drain me for the next day. There’s going to be a day that the baby will be sick and I’ll spend all day talking care of her needs. There will be days of pain where I will be forced to relax. And when those days inevitably come, I need to respect that I can’t do it all, or even most of those other things. And that is alright.

So anyone else with me? Recognizing and respecting your limitations seems a worthy New Year’s resolutions.

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