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  1. Autistic Safe Space values the experience of veteran autistic activists. Not because they are infallible but because they’ve had way more time to unpack the ableist ideals rampant in our society. They’ve had far more time to recognize and analyze the deep seeded ableism in “civil discourse.”
  2. Autistic Safe Space does not silence people’s autistic experience because it doesn’t match someone else’s. We’re individual people. That means our experiences are going to be different.
  3. Autistic Safe Space doesn’t tone police. If you feel sometime is being aggressive, find out what they’re mad about before you start telling them to be nicer. If it’s rooted in bigotry, call out the bigotry. But you do not get to shout someone down because you think they’re being mean. The escalation had already occurred.
  4. Autistic Safe Space values all forms of communication. If you don’t like the way communication happened, step back and figure out what you don’t like. No one is here to hold your hand. We will clarify if you ask what we meant. But don’t expect autistic people to communicate like allistic people because we’re not.
  5. Autistic Safe Space is a place where people can have discourse. No echo chambers here. Which means no dogpiling just because you disagree with someone. Which means you can actually unpack your privilege instead of getting sugar coated happy-nice feels for the simple act of recognizing it.
  6. Autistic Safe Space isn’t a place for bigotry.


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  1. January 5, 2017

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