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As the new school year begins, so does our never ending battle to have teachers, coaches and administrators have high expectations for the boys. They’re entering 7th and 8th grade. Once again, the 8th grader has signed up for football. Once again, he says he wants to play. And once again, the general expectation seems to be that he will be manager again.

We saw two of the coaches at schedule pick up today. And the general gist was that he was going to “help” the team again. And it made my blood boil. And I told my son afterwards, “The correct answer was ‘No. I’m going to play football.'”

Ya know what really sucks? I’m fighting for my son’s right to make his own choice about something like this. Not because I want him to play football. Actually, I would much rather him not play. I’m not a huge fan of the risk of injury. I’m not a huge fan of setting up our weekly schedule around when he’s going to practice after school. I’m not a fan in the slightest in the cost of the gear he requires to participate. It’s such a huge drag.

I never expected to have a jock child. I really truly expected geeks. I have one geek.. But the other, he’s a jock. And he does so much better with physical activity like they provide in athletics. So dammit. If this is what he wants to do.. If he chooses this path, he can do whatever he damn well pleases. And I will fight, and argue, and email, and set meetings, and request trainings.. And this will happen for him. Because this is his choice. It is not mine. And I wish people would stop putting up roadblocks for things he wishes to pursue!

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