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Daniel has been really enjoying his iPad this past week and a half. Being home and iced in, it’s been nice for him to have some familiarity to his day. We just bought Stories2Learn this evening along with the iPad SD/Camera USB dongle. So a week or two, I should have a review of that.


When we first looked at the iPad option, I thought without a doubt that iEarnedThat was going to be our token board. I loved that it had puzzle pieces, ended up showing the reward, and had the ability to use it for multiple kiddos if needed. (You never know with two Autistic boys in the house!) What a shock when I bought it, added all the pictures of his rewards at school first, and showed it to his teachers. I couldn’t undo. You had to completely delete the goal and remake it each time you wanted him to work for that reward. I was devastated.

I had seen iReward, and while the only real difference I had seen in it and iEarnedThat was a price, and the neato ending with your completed prize, I had really dismissed it. How wrong I was!

This app may not be a spiffy looking, but it does many things with ease. First, it works excellent as your typical token board! At school, they’ve always used a little board with velcro’d pennies and laminated pictures for the reward. Quite honestly, this app is exactly that! Except, instead of pennies, there are stars, or smilies, or check marks. You can reset the rewards so it’s not one time use. This is great for ‘our kids’. The rewards are displayed with an image of your choice (so yes, you can add your own photos!).

It’s made it really easy to help him earn his rewards. It keeps track of the stars, so you don’t have to keep it open the whole time. And Daniel loves to click his stars (he prefers the red stars) once he’s completed his tasks. It was seamless change from lo-tech token board to this. I highly recommend it for those looking to replace their lo-tech solutions. It is available on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.Grembe, the company that produces iReward, also has several other apps. They also seem to be taking baby steps to developing for Android. One only hopes that iReward will be ported over for Android users!

Grembe’s iReward Demo:


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