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I’m certain I should have shared this with my readers long before this, but we’ve been super busy over here. Tomorrow morning at 10am CST time, I’ll be on Autism Women’s Network‘s Blog Talk Radio broadcast with Shannon Rosa talking about our sons’ iPads.

As I’m sure most are aware, Daniel got his iPad for Christmas. Since then, he’s taken it every day to school. He uses it for his daily schedule, is token board and now for his social stories. It has allowed me to stay after school for Stephen’s extracurricular activities and know Daniel has something to stay occupied. We put Finding Nemo on it, so that works especially well.

He has started actively requesting me to download new stories via Read Me Stories. It’s an eBook app that allows a new eBook to be downloaded daily. Some of the stories he’s not all that interested in, but loves many of the others. We often catch him in the morning before school doing his math addition game.

He has also really fallen in love with YouTube. As his spelling gets better, he looks up and watches more videos. He also found a fish tank app where he can buy new fish and decorations. Then his games, which he has been GREAT at not playing while at school. It’s one of his two rules that he can recite, “No movies. No games.”

He also has been able to show his classmates a few things on it. They are of course fascinated by the fact that Daniel has an iPad, but they ask him questions and he answers. While I don’t think it’s made him any more friends, it has really opened up his communication with his classmates. It’s amazing what a simple device can do.

Next up is to buy him an iPad pen so he can start working on his writing skills. As nice as the writing programs are, they just don’t translate to the fine motor delay without the use of a pen. We gave one of the two USB dongles to the school for easy transfer of pictures, and kept the SD card one for ourselves. I’m just so glad they are willing to use it!

To find out more about Daniel and his iPad as well as Shannon Rosa’s son’s progress. Catch us tomorrow!

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