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In my last blog, I spoke of our accident, our move, and how thankful I am for what I have. But the grim reality is setting in. We have next to no money for Christmas as all the money we saved now has to go for the apartment. The move is very needed because of tension brewing within my mother’s house. With the boys both slightly regressing, my need for more therapy, and many other things, we decided it was more important to move out than to have a large Christmas.

The one thing we were hoping to get for my Daniel was an iPad or other tablet. We had already spoken to his teachers and the principal, and they all gave the thumbs up for him to bring it to school and use it as part of his program. This was a huge hurdle we managed to jump over to now have no way to provide him with the tablet.

Many of you may have read Shannon Rosa’s blog on how the iPad has helped her son Leo. As well, there’s a wealth of other articles (some chronicled on our fundraiser page) on the benefits of having an iPad as there are many applications for social skills, sensory skills and even adaptive curriculums. Most prominently known are the Augmentative and Assisted Communication apps as well. There are groups who are raising money for iPads for those with AAC needs (see Holly Rod Foundation and Danny’s Wish), but for children like Daniel, who is verbal but could use the help for transition, social and sensory needs, there is no place for families to turn.

Shannon Rosa’s latest blog suggests setting up your own fundraiser campaign. While I normally don’t like to ask other people for money, with our current situation being as it is, and how much I *know* the iPad will benefit Daniel, I have chosen to create a fundraiser. For those of us on the Spectrum, we know what technology has done for many of us. We are better connected, feel more at easy, and even more productive and independent. With the amount of apps created for those on and off the Spectrum, I know we will be giving Daniel those same tools to succeed.

Stories2Learn helps create Social Stories. iWriteWords gives a simple interface to learn to write correctly (and much in the same form as Writing without Tears). First Then Visual Schedule gives an easily recognizable visual schedule so that there is no “unknown” variable to what’s coming next. iRewardChart helps teach doing chores and creates a reward system that is fully customizable for each child’s needs. I could probably keep going for paragraph after paragraph with all the apps that have been created, but I think I will leave it at these.

If you feel you want to and CAN donate, please visit ourGiveForward donation page. Or donate straight from the widget on the right side of the screen. Thank you for anyone and everyone who’s taken the time to read this, whether or not you are able to donate.

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