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As many of you know from my chronicling, Daniel has settled in nicely with his iPad and uses it at home, at school and in the community. He does a great job of everything but charging it at night. He did the most amazing thing at school on Friday with his iPad and I’m extremely proud of him for his courage.

At his school, all students earn school money that gets to be redeemed at the end of the week for toys, gifts or certificates. All year, Daniel has struggled to have enough to get a certificate, but two weeks ago, the school store marked them down to $20(s). He had enough so I asked him if he wanted to get one. In the end, he got “Reading to Another Class”. As is historic with kids in 1st grade, they chose to go back and read to their Kinder teacher’s class. This class happens to be Daniel’s little brother Stephen’s class so it worked out quite well.

Friday was the day he got to read to the class. He and I sat down with his iPad the week prior to decide which book to read and it was decided on “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss (Thanks to Ocean House Media!). We got into the classroom, and he sat down in the teacher’s chair. He very softly said to his K teacher and his aide “Ready?”. So softly in fact, that I could barely hear him standing right next to him. He was nervous, but he started the app. Then he turned to me and said “Read to me?”

You see Green Eggs and Ham along with the other books produced by Ocean House and many other eBooks have the option of the story being read to you rather than you reading it yourself. This works out great for Daniel, especially in this case.

I nodded and he started the book. We got the volume turned up so everyone could hear and off he went. He swiped the pages and he did hand movements. He showed everyone the cat and he asked if they heard the splash. He laughed in several parts. He was so excited as he left. He really did an excellent job. He stayed in the chair, and he left the book pointing outward for everyone to see.

I stayed after for a few minutes because there were several “Huh?” looks on the kids’ faces. I explained Daniel’s Autism makes him think differently so some things that are easy for them are hard for him, and visa versa. And they all seemed to understand. As much as a Kinder kid can understand at least.

I left so excited and so proud. He really did a fabulous job even if he didn’t read it himself, he was able to share with another class. I think it will be one of the most enriching experiences those kids will have for a while.

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