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Lots of things have brought about this post. It is a culmination of events over the past few years. When we moved to Dallas, I found most everyone was biomed. Those that weren’t became so. I love many of these people as people. They are kind, caring and supportive individuals.

I constantly hear, “you’re such an inspiration.” “You give me such hope for my child.” Or even, “Your son doesn’t look Autistic.” “Your kids are doing so great.” “It’s obvious you’re a great parent.” I like some of these, feel ambivalent to others and love the rest. And I hear these sorts of things directed to other Autistics.

I can’t say I understand all of what’s said. We are just people living our lives.

But what gets to me… and this comes from watching the awesome Loving Lampposts, the horrid Autism Now series on NewsHour, to knowing Wakefield is going to be in town next week, and finding out an Autism is Treatable segment will be on the news in the morning… How can we be inspirations? How can you hope your child turns out like us? Then in the next breath, when we give advice, “Well, that’s how you choose to do it. And we’ve made a different choice that works better for us.”

It isn’t like I’m talking about specific treatments. I’m just asking for you to learn your child. To accept your child. To build a relationship with your child on your child’s terms. Not yours, theirs.

Don’t call me an inspiration then ignore all advice I give…. especially when you ask how I did it… how I do it… and love the results you see.

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