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A month ago we were celebrating the boys’ birthdays. Subsequently, we also had to plan for their yearly IEP meeting. All of those events went well and as planned. Since then though, I have noticed my 5 yr old (the youngest) has become much more impulsive. It’s really been building up. He already has sensory issues, his ASD diagnosis, but it’s becoming ever so clear he is definitely ADHD.

He has no patience. He used to be really good at waiting the 5 minutes for us to stop what we’re doing before attending to his needs. Now he has a hard time waiting more than 30 seconds.  If he doesn’t get what he wants, he lashes out then immediately apologizes. So he knows what he’s doing is wrong, but doesn’t seem to have that process time before he does the action.

So my choices are many. We’re going to implement a ‘Good choices, Bad choices’ system. For every good choice, he gets so many tickets which can be redeemed for things he wants. They use this in the floortime group we have him in and it works for them.  When he makes bad choices, he gets tickets taken away. So he can always do lots of small ‘good choices’ to gain tickets back for a bad choice he did. We need to get a new sensory diet in place as his sensory needs have changed. I really want to try everything before looking up psychiatrists and neurologists to take him to.  We are also thinking about ways to add caffeine to his diet in very small doses. He generally doesn’t like most things with chocolate, won’t drink any drinks that typically have caffeine, so it will be difficult to add it. We’re hoping to see some of his more nervous energy tempered a little. I just don’t want to give him any medication if we don’t have to.

What changes do you think would help? I’m at a loss of where the sensory issues begin and end, where the Autism issues begin and end, and where the ADHD issues begin and end. I can relate to my older son much better because he and I come inward when we get overloaded, but sadly, that is not the case for my younger son.

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