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As you all know, I’ve been working hard to get Daniel an iPad, hopefully by Christmas. Since starting, we have raised over $300 to this end. There are other people who have said they will be donating, but at this time, we are no where near the $600 needed to buy the device, insurance, case and apps. We will be contributing to the cost as well, but we don’t have the $300 to finish out the cost.

Imagine my surprise, when last week, when iHelp for Special Needs(@ihelpspecneeds) started following me on twitter! I’m sure@SpeechTXJulie had something to do with that as she’s the one who showed me how to get started on this journey. So I wrote to the lovely people at iHelp about Daniel’s story and I received an email back saying that they thought my children were beautiful and that I was a great mom for thinking outside of the box! They want to feature Daniel’s on their website, even!

I know it’s hard this time of year to give without receiving something in return, so instead, for those still shopping for gifts, I ask that youshop through iHelp. The donations will go to fund Daniel’s iPad still. I know in my “There’s an App for That!” series, I’ve given links to buy apps. If you chose to buy apps, I’d also appreciate you purchasing through iHelp, as they have a great extensive list of Apps for Special Needs and a portion of those purchases will also go to the iPad fund.

I hope I’m not upsetting any of my readers by doing all of this. I just really feel that Daniel will benefit so greatly from having this device. He’s an amazing kiddo! And I know that he can do great things so long as he’s given the right support!

If you are a family with a Special Needs child reading this, know that iHelp for Special Needs wants to hear your story too, and to help you get your child an iPad. As well, if you qualify, please think about going through the HollyRod Foundation. If you’d rather support a nonprofit to get a tax deduction, I’d also recommend the HollyRod Foundation at this time.

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