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We are in day 2 of ice/weather days. The Super Bowl is in 5 days. And the power has gone out twice this morning.

The boys are handling school being out relatively fine. I taught them how to play Uno, Go Fish and Blokus yesterday. They were most excited playing Go Fish. While we played Blokus, the most amazing events occurred. Daniel lost his first tooth! I expected him to freak out when it happened, but he didn’t! On the contrary, he was ecstatic! He asked if he could take it to school to show his friends. He said the tooth fairy was going too come and give him a prize. He was even able to get across that a new tooth was coming in its place.

Unable to understand it though, Stephen freaked out because he hasn’t lost his teeth yet. A year younger, he has already seen many of his classmates lose their teeth. He has wanted to lose a tooth for two years now. I couldn’t even come up with a way to console him. “Just wait…” doesn’t cut it in Stephen’s world. Any ideas are welcome as I know Daniel will lose another tooth before Stephen does one.

This morning though has been a flop. Power went out once before the boys woke up. No school again. And I decided to sleep in and just let them play the PS3. Just a few minutes ago the power went out again. Needless to say, they both freaked! Stephen quickly recovered, but not Daniel. His game had turned off wich destroyed his world. Then he tried to turn on a light to prove to us the power want out. It didn’t come on. His iPad wasn’t charged which made everything else fall apart more. He said he wanted to go watch tv but I had to destroy that hope.

He stayed so convinced that even when the power did come back on, he refuse to believe it. He finally calmed down, but nothing I could do consoled him. Twice now, in two days, I’ve been unable to console my kids.

Now, I realize this is the first time they’ve experienced a power outage since they were toddlers, so that had a lot to do with that. And I realize it was the first lost tooth. But it is horrible to see them both upset and not even be able to help them. I rubbed their back and said it was going to be okay, but in the end, none of it helped and they calmed themselves down. Is that a testament to my parenting skills, or a sign they are growing up? I don’t know, but I don’t like it either way.

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