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More like, “I’m what happens when you cannot accept Autism.”

Warning: If you have not seen this video posted else where, it is very hurtful to those of us on the Spectrum. My husband even asked me to stop playing it in his presence after 20 seconds. If you have children with Autism, please make sure they are no where near until you have watched it for yourself.

Autism Speaks | “I am Autism.” PSA

Many parents seem to defend the practices of this film because it “brings awareness” and “no one else” is doing anything. One parent went so far to say, “You need to do SOMETHING, even if it’s WRONG.” Of course, this goes against my logic. Not to mention goes by another old adage, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” But don’t worry, we’re the ones with no empathy.

I have tried to think of a way to quantify my exact feelings from this video. I would never let my kids see this video. I would never want ANY Autistic child to see this video. No matter the gifts that come from Autism, they are overshadowed by this view point. We are not a burden if we are accepted. We won’t be accepted without awareness, but it must be positive awareness. Negative awareness only seeks to drive our chances of inclusion away.

Dan Marino Foundation | “No Myths” PSA

I much prefer this video for some obvious reasons and others not as much. It definitely paints us in a better light, but it does not hide the truth of our disability. It is very extensive in showing us as people who not only need acceptance, but also support. I think the second part is the critical issue here. Most people feel the Neurodiversity movement is asking for needs to be ignored. The support helps us gain greatest independence.

Some of my fellow self-advocates have set up a response: I am Autism.ORG It should grow more to include some valuable resources on positive Autistic outcomes.

Autistic Self Advocacy Network | Protest Autism Speaks “Walk Now for Autism”

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