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My name is Holly and I’m an addict OOPS!  Wrong room.

In all actuality, I am an addict of sorts.   I am addicted to the world I live in.  It is one of constant surprises and amazing wonder.  Sure, I spend a couple of months a year ready to move to a cave and never see the light of day again, but those are just moments.

I am a mother, a writer, war veteran, dog lover, wife, soon-to-be student (again), medic, housekeeper, music nut…Are you getting the general picture?

I have resisted my own dx for years and will likely continue to do so.  I like me.  I don’t want to change me.  Even when me, myself and I are at complete odds with one another.

I followed a very interesting path via Twitter and found this site.  I answered the Call to Arms and perhaps my life can (if nothing else) give YOU some comedy, me some catharsis and “them” some insight.

Without further ado – here are the players in this world of mine.  I like to call it Schizamore.  Crazy Love.  It works for us.

Holly – Me.  I am all over the map.  I love a lot of things, but I lack the patience with most everything in the world.  I am terrible in a crowded room, loud noises and I cannot talk on the phone if there is any outside stimuli.  My friends have often referred to me as having “a lot of layers”.  Even I haven’t figured them all out.

Kris – Husband & Stepdad (OCD, ASocial, Borderline…Anyone else wanna scream it with me?  SPECTRUM!!!)  Kris has no filter and doesn’t play well with others.  He won’t come up a lot as he’s still in the Army and, well…it just isn’t a good idea.

Morgan – Daughter (Artist, actress, sweetheart who has no problem being her own person – closest thing to NT we have here)

Madison – Son (In process of dx but verified Oppositional Defiant Disorder)

Max – Son (Aspie with a lifelong love affair with science.  Sound & touch sensory input issues…Best friend is the dog)

Loki – Our Siberian Husky.  Works hard at keeping us together and functional.  Has a nose for oncoming meltdowns and reacts like you might expect a trained service dog to.

This is my immediate family.  These are the people I can’t live without – Even when we think we can’t live with one another.  It’s all a matter of staggering our “moments”.

Nice to meet ya!  Pull up a chair and get comfy, ya hear?

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