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Just to preface, in case my husband reads this, I apologize for discussing this on the blog. I’m sure you will understand, but I do want to apologize.

Baby girl (3-6 months) holding womans hand, close-up

My husband and I have decided in a few years to have at least one more child, if not two more children. We had been discussing for quite some time about whether or not we wanted to. And while neither of us did not want another child, we knew that we couldn’t afford it right now. I had serious hang ups on having kids past a certain age of my current kids.

Well, that time is coming to a close. I didn’t want 5 years between the kids, but this month is the last month I can have a child without having 5 yrs exactly between my current youngest and the next. Needless to say, I have been very sad about this as I definitely want another child or two. But we discussed it.

We’ve decided we will have kids, most likely in another 5 years. I am not 100% over the idea of the large gap, but I’m still quite young so that I’m not worried about ill health effects. (I will be turning 27 at the end of the month.) But I do enjoy the thought of having another, especially if it’s a little girl. But how will things change now that I’m aware of my own diagnosis, and my boys diagnoses?

I will be discussing this more in additional posts. But I must admit, my biggest fear is having an NT child. I’m not sure how much I’d understand an NT child like I understand my ASD children. I know that it will be a challenge, but I also think that an NT child could help a lot to understand NT parents of ASD children. I look forward to it!

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