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I’d like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers. For those that don’t have Thanksgiving, I’d still like to extend to you an invitation to celebrate it. Thanksgiving, I feel, is a very energizing day. It is a day to Give Thanks for all we have. This is something I feel should not be left only to this holiday.

My thoughts for today could and should extend to our normal lives. In some families, they celebrate by everyone around the table saying what they are thankful for. I have to say, I never understood or liked this tradition. Mainly because everyone always tried to outdo the person before them.

Instead, I’d like others to try this. Come up with how they can be thankful for you. I feel as an Aspie, sometimes, I don’t give myself enough credit. I have been told this by those around me. Now, I’m not saying to be selfish and not tell those you love that you’re thankful for them. But it is a good time and sit back to realize what good you have to offer others.

Happy Thanksgiving. My hope is that you are thankful for me and this website.

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