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Whether you are a geek or not, you cannot deny that many Aspies are geeks. This post goes to show my geekness that I like to thinks comes from Geekdom. I am posting from my Blackberry with a lovely application called BB Meta Blog.

While we are all aware, technology is in the mainstream. We can definitely say it comes out of Geekdom. I think as AS parents we should embrace this and use it to bridge the gap between ourselves, our children and our societies. Obviously, I have created this site, and there are many others like it in different forms.

How can you use technology with your children? I highly recommend getting Picture Planner when it becomes available. In it’s beta, which I’m testing, there are some minor usage problems, but over all it’s a good program. It takes a typical planner program and standard PECS and combines it.

I also chose to use technology to bridge the gap between myself and society at large. I stay in touch with parents with ASD kids, teachers, professionals all through email. I don’t do phones, and I much rather have time to concentrate on my thoughts.

So many other ways to use technology, but I will end it here. Good night and have a Merry Christmas.

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