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This was the person I had no preconceived notions about. I had no idea who he was let alone what he would have to offer. Imagine my surprise when I was blown away by his presentation. He spoke on social skills and many of his ideas were really good. If there were someway to translate them to adult life, they’d be even better.

A lot of his focus wasn’t on what the child was doing, but the way the adults approached it. Then after the approach, they spoke on how to help the child. When then child had learned everything, how they taught their peers. It was very nice. He also used examples of how the Asperger’s or Autistic child felt without making light of the situation.

Overall, I came away feeling very good. So good, I actually waited in line to speak with him. (I will speak on the line experience probably tomorrow after I get the full affect of the conference.) I thanked him for his gentleness in approaching the subject of how the Aspie student felt. So overall, very very happy.

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