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I rather apologize for the absence of writing blog posts. I am writing up the other three portions of the conference, but want to make sure I have time to sit down and write from beginning to end without interruption.

Day 1 morning went well as you read. Afternoon? Not so much so. I was rather looking forward to listening to Mrs. Kranowitz as I’m very much a prescribed to Sensory Integration. What I heard was less than I had imagined. That’s putting it lightly. I think my actions during the afternoon best summarizes it. I actually left an hour before she was to be done. I NEVER leave public places like that no matter how upset I get. I rarely even do so to use the bathroom, let alone to come home.

She wasn’t there to teach us about sensory integration as I had assumed from the title of her presentation “The Out of Sync Child”. Instead, she used her 4 hrs lecturing us on getting our children outside more. She used this example.. She had us all think of a great memory from our childhood. She then told us that she guaranteed 95% of us had thought of something outside. Therefore, since our children never go outside, they will not have any good memories about childhood.

She also pulled another percentage out. Suggested, while admitting to having no sources for this, that 99% of all Autistic people have sensory integration. Now, I have no doubt that we all have sensory issues. Every human being has sensory issues. But to go as far to say that all Autistics have SID/SPD is ludicrous!

She also went into biomed information. This is where I got up and walked out. I have had my fill of wood-by “experts” telling me what I should “try” with my kids. I’ve done my research. I know that GFCF has been shown to help kids with gut issues, mine have not. I’ve seen it say the same thing for children who had multiple ear infections, mine did not. I’m not knocking anyone for trying them. I feel everyone can decide for themselves though. Instead, I have a teacher, not even an OT, but a teacher, telling a room of about 1000 adults, mainly professionals, to try diets. I am sorry, but she has no right in her position to do that.

Coming next… Temple Grandin.

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