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I’m not sure if I’ve said so before, but I’m going to be speaking again this summer at the Autism Society of America conference in New Orleans. This year my topic is on Executive Functioning. For my presentation, I’m wanting to make sure I have an accurate view of what many Autistics view of their EF is, not just my own or my children’s skillsets.

With that in mind, I’ve created a survey. It’s a little long with 17 questions. The majority are multiple choice. If you’re willing to fill it out, please do so. If you are a parent of an autistic child,┬áplease do NOT fill this out on behalf of your child. If they need your assistance understanding the questions or filling in the answers, that’s fine, but I want their answers, not yours.

This is not meant to be scientific. No personal information is requested. You do NOT need to sign in to fill it out.

Survey here: Executive Functioning Survey

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  1. Chuck Cooperman says:

    I took the survey but I was unsure of the meaning of some of the terms.

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