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After much discussion with providers, husband and self reflection, I do believe that Change has to be the Achilles’ Heel of Asperger’s and Autism in general. No matter how much we “blend” into society, this one thing will usually be the one thing that disrupts all we have done.

I have done my best to accept change in normal every day life, and tried to adapt so that changes in schedule do not disrupt. I do not keep an hourly schedule for this exact reason. I do keep a daily schedule, as in things I need to do during a day. This ensures everything gets done.

Even a change that I’m welcoming, has turned my life topsy turvy whenever I think about it. We are moving in 2 months. Our family move is for the best of everyone involved and is a much better situation than we are living in now. Yet, the thought keeps me unnerved.

But now what I need to learn is how to deal with change that disrupts even my very simplistic schedule. So I ask those readers I have, what are your suggestions on how to physically deal with change? How do you deal with changes?

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