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If you haven’t heard of The Loud Hands Project, then I apologize for not telling you of this wonderful project that is part of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network‘s new programming for 2012.

Loud Hands Launch Video:

As you may notice, the IndiGoGo campaign has officially exceeded the goal. However, that does not mean that more support isn’t needed. The original goal was set to meet the cost of the Loud Hands Anthology (submission guidelines). That means theAnthology will be made! This is great, but Loud Hands was never meant to stop there.

Check out what your donations will do past this:

Benchmark 1: $15,000 “About us, without us”
“About us, without us” is a video about the Autistic community and our place in the conversation around eugenics and the prevention of autism. If we make the $15,000 benchmark, we’ll be able to pay for Julia to go on the road and collect interviews and footage, and cover production, editing, and initial distribution costs.
Benchmark 2: $20,000 “Welcome to the Autistic community”
  • With these funds, we can rush website development and have the Loud Hands project website complete, fully accessible, and ready to launch on April 2, 2012–Autism Acceptance Day.
  • Use the website to commence the development of materials tailored to all ages and abilities explaining autism and welcoming the autistic person to the community.
  • Initially, this will take the form of a letter drive, blog carnival, and pamphlet-design competition, with ongoing further refinement and eventual publication of materials.
Benchmark 3: $25,000: Connecting to Community Together
To begin, we will produce a DVD incorporating video and written content from across the history of the Autistic community, establishing our historical context. Then, to explore the state of the movement today, we will use the funds raised to establish a Conference Scholarship fund for Autistic self-advocates to use to attend Autistic and disability rights related conferences and events connecting to the larger theme of disability culture. Scholarship recipients will participate in a second video documenting Autistic community and culture.

I’m rather excited about all of this. (And not just because I’m not responsible for any of it. ;) ) We have long needed a way to show what and who the Autistic community is. To define who we are. Loud Hands is meant to be just that. Not only that, but a way of introduction for those who come after. I’m extremely excited and I look forward to what’s to come.

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