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I recently wrote a blog for Autism Awareness month for the Moms Blog for Dallas Morning News. It was published online today here.

Autism Awareness means…

Autism Awareness means a lot of things to a lot of people. To some, like myself, it is hope for the future. For adults with Autism, awareness brings the chance to spread a message of acceptance, accommodation and accessibility. Our hope for the future is to have the outside world understand ‘our kind.’

I hope this not only for myself, but for my two Autistic children as well. Our family believes in Neurodiversity. Neurodiversity states that neurological conditions are a normal human variation. The abnormal neurology gives each of us areas of strength as well as various difficulties. Those areas of strength and deficit can vary greatly between each individual.

The hard areas that can be, should be treated. Intervention is still one of the best predictors of independence as an adult. What can’t be treated though should be accommodated. Other areas should be accepted. Is the behavior harmful? Does it cause the person great stress? Those are some of the questions we on the spectrum ask parents to think about. The most important aspect though is that we have access to all the things that can help us be meaningful contributors to our communities.

Autistic people from all functioning levels can be helped by the goals of Neurodiversity. Accessibility gained to keep a person in their own home rather than be institutionalized. Accommodations can be made to find employment, much like the programs by Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services. Alternative and Augmentative Communication devices would help relate to others their needs. For children, Neurodiversity means equipping their peers with social awareness to prevent bullying and promote acceptance of the unique differences.

All any parent in this world asks for is a happy, healthy child. Proper treatment, awareness, and acceptance can help all parents achieve that. You can start within your own communities, your own schools and playgrounds, or even your own home. Love and compassion begets acceptance. Everything else will start from there.

I hope you all enjoy. Those of you taking a look at my website for the first time, I welcome you.

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