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I love being a mother, a wife, and all those things entail. There is also a part of me that says I could be doing ‘more.’ I do this site to give back to a community I see as needing some camaraderie. I’m sure there are some of my visitors who feel the same way.

What are some ways we can better ourselves and give back a little? I think a really big step for those that belong to our specific community is to find a way to bridge a gap. There is a gap between Non-Parent Self-Advocates (ASD non-parent adults), Parent Self- & Child-Advocates (ASD parents of ASD children), and Parent Child-Advocates (NT parents of ASD children).

I don’t see the two outer groups at being so different in what they want. But the message gets to messed up. ASD adults do want all of us to be accepted. Acceptance is only a piece of it. Accommodations and intervention are still key for maximum independence. NT parents want the kids to be happy and healthy. There are many who see their kids as damaged, yes. But in reality, they just haven’t been shown that their kids can get past that sometimes. Other times, the parents don’t have the support needed to help their children and are scared for their futures.

For those of us who are ASD parents of ASD children, we know how well our kids can do. At some point, we had to meet someone to become a parent. We know we were able to hold a relationship at least at one point. Some of us never had those early interventions and see some after effects of it such as mental health issues. So we can see what could have been done with ourselves and we try to do those for our children. Yes, there are sometimes that we will not be able to help our children be completely independent. But we have sometimes seen the abuse that can happen having experienced it ourselves. We know how to safe guard our children even if we have to lobby for it.

I hope that by the time my kids are my age, there will be a system in place to let ASD adults live on their own with accommodations. And I think if we bridge the gap between NT parents and ASD adults, we can get things to help all of us. Those dealing with the issues now, and our children that will deal with them in the future.

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