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This sadly comes too late. I received some Here Active Listening buds that were donated to Tone It Down Taupe. And a couple of weeks after learned that Doppler Labs, who created them, had closed its doors. It’s sad to me because these are amazing. Here One was supposed to be the next step up. The next amazing that did all the things that the original did, plus take phone calls, and listen to music, and tune off everything but the person sitting in front of you that you were talking to. But alas, the battery and bluetooth on them killed the company. I have looked around and found that Nuheara IQ Buds do similar and were actually started to target hearing disabilities.

Anyways, enough of the advertisements (that I’m in no way compensated for).. This is supposed to be about the beauty of silence I’ve found with my herebuds. When I received them, I was cautiously optimistic. Sure, I’d heard from friends that they were great. People I really trusted to tell me the truth. But it’s one of those things.. seeing is believing.. or hearing in this case.

I really hope that Nuheara continues to be successful. Because while this technology is meant to help people who are in beginning stages of hearing loss… the benefits for people with central auditory processing disorder are amazing too. If I start to feel myself get tense, I can pop them in and feel the tension wash away. I can tune a frequency up and still hear my kids and spouse. Pair them with my weighted blanket and turn down the whole world and it makes me feel light.

I want everyone to feel this. I had a 2 hour long meeting today to discuss one of my kids’ IEPs. And I was wiped, done, couldn’t think, couldn’t process. And after not being able to focus on a single thought, I popped them in. And somehow, I was able to write this whole thing. That’s just amazing to me. It’s like being given a small flip book of matches (See Match Theory) at the end of the day. No, they’re not like a box of matches at the beginning of the day.. and they burn out faster.. and half of them don’t light… But sometimes, all you need is a couple more to get through bedtime routines.

And sure there’s a downside.. I look like I’m one of the first crops of potential Cybermen (Doctor Who clip). But I guess it’s a chance I’m willing to take. All of this to say, if you have a chance to use this technology, do it. If you have a pair that don’t work with your phones, please consider donating to TiDT so other autistic people can take advantage.

Photo by StevenW.

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