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Before I get started, for all the Americans in my audience, I hope that your Independence day went well. We spent ours mostly on the road. We drove down to Austin, spent 6 hours before we finally had to come home. We had hoped to stay the night, but the boys were unable to handle all the days events without melting down. Overall, it was an enlightening experience that makes me aware that we still don’t have this planning thing down 100%.

This week, the Autism Society of America is having their annual National Conference right here in the Dallas area. Thanks to the Autism Society of Collin County, I will be attending the entire conference. I’m especially looking forward to Zosia Zaks’ (author of Life and Love: Positive Strategies for Autistic Adults) pre-conference workshop, Making a Name for Myself: Developing Individual Self-Advocacy and Leadership Skills. As well, Sandy Yim, Alex Plank, creator ofWrongPlanet, and Jason Ross are delivering the keynotes on Saturday, Making Connections Online: Communicating through Blogs and Online Communities.

As well, on Saturday, I will be speaking on the Speaking for Ourselves: Individuals on the Autism Spectrum panel. I feel I’ve come up with a pretty concise evaluation of my life for my 15 minute speech. As well, there will be 3 others to speak. For those coming to the conference, I invite you to come to the panel. For those in the Dallas area, Saturday is discounted to $50 per person, so I would also encourage you to come for that day. Included are presentations for fathers, grandparents and Spanish-speakers.

I will be tweeting from the conference as well. Luckily, there is a sensory room available. There will also be lots of vendors to peruse. I’m hoping to make some contacts. I have made business cards for both this website and for ASAN, Dallas chapter. As well, I have 3 t-shirts that I will be wearing to show my devotion to Neurodiversity and one with the website logo on it. I hope you will all keep up with what’s happening through the tweets. Feel free to follow me on Twitter!

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