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April is Autism Awareness Month
Autistic Pride

April in my household means 3 things. It’s the start of the Autism year. It holds both boys’ birthdays. It is the start of Spring. Although, depending on your family history, you may also see it as National Child Abuse Prevention Month, Stress Awareness Month, Alcohol Awareness Month and a host of others. Does anyone else find it odd that Autism Awareness shares a month with the three I’ve listed?

With the fear campaigns that go along with Autism, you’d think they picked it just for the three above. They try to show increase in child abuse in families with Autism because of a ‘lack of services’. They definitely say it’s more stressful to be a parent of an Autistic child. When you mix all of those together, surely you get an increase in Alcoholism.

But I digress.

April 2, 2010: Light It Up Blue

World Autism Awareness Day.Org

“They” will be starting tonight. Across the US, the Light It Up Blue campaign started by Autism Speaks in honor of their World Autism Awareness Day has encouraged major buildings to turn blue for Autism. I know AutSp’s puzzle piece is blue. They have also asked that people wear blue on Friday April 2, 2010 to show their support. To me, this just shows support of AutSp’s mission. I have made sure to tell everyone I know not to wear blue tomorrow.

Instead, a variety of suggestions have been tossed around for those of us that want to show our support to Autistic people (including ourselves). I have chosen to generally ask others to wear a Spectrum shirt, ie something with rainbow colors. I know rainbow usually signifies Gay culture, but it is also a spectrum that signifies the Autism Spectrum. Conversely, you can choose to Infinity Symbol (like above), the Autistic Pride Flame, the “I’m not a Puzzle” shirts, so on and so forth. The key idea is to stay away from puzzle pieces, puzzle ribbons and solid blue.

As this month goes forward, my goal is to attend as many of the Autism Awareness events I can. Make sure the ND presence is known off the internet. And of course, execute a well planned birthday party for my two Autistic kiddos and their non-Autistic classmates. Integration works!

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