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We are writing to you on behalf of the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network. ASAN has partnered with researchers at multiple universities to create the AASPIRE Gateway Project ( The AASPIRE Gateway Project serves as a gateway for research that is committed to inclusion, respect, accessibility, and community relevance. We are excited to be involved in research that is conducted with us, not just about us. The AASPIRE Gateway Project is recruiting participants with and without disabilities and participants on the autistic spectrum. You can find more information about the project in the announcement below. We would greatly appreciate it if you could forward information about the AASPIRE Gateway Project to anyone who may be interested in participating.


Ari Ne’eman

Founding President

Scott Michael Robertson

Vice President

Board of Directors:

Paula C. Durbin-Westby

Meg Evans

Dora Raymaker

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network

1660 L Street, NW, Suite 700

Washington, DC 20036


Participate in the AASPIRE Gateway Project

You are invited to participate in a continuing online research project called the AASPIRE Gateway Project. This online research project is conducted by the Academic Autistic Spectrum Partnership in Research and Education (AASPIRE, in collaboration with Oregon Health & Science University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Portland State University, and the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network.

The AASPIRE Gateway Project is recruiting participants with and without disabilities, and participants on the autism spectrum, for a series of continuing online studies on topics such as health care, Internet use, online sense of community, identity, problem solving, and perspective taking. The goals of the online AASPIRE Gateway Project are

(1) to collect the Gateway Survey data;

(2) to use the Gateway Survey data to invite eligible participants to AASPIRE’s continuing online research studies; and

(3) to use the Gateway Survey data in AASPIRE’s continuing online research studies.

You may participate in the AASPIRE Gateway Project and contribute to continuing AASPIRE research studies if you are at least 18 years old, and you have access to the Internet.

The first step in joining the AASPIRE Gateway Project is completing the online AASPIRE Gateway Survey. The AASPIRE Gateway Survey asks about (a) personal information, such as age, gender, disability, education, and employment status, (b) information about which hand you prefer to use when doing activities such as writing with a pen or pencil, and (c) information about your personal preferences regarding interests, habits, and social interactions. Completing the AASPIRE Gateway Survey will take approximately 20-40 minutes. In return, you may choose to be entered into a drawing for a 1 in 25 chance to win a $25 gift certificate to or to receive 1 extra credit point in your introductory psychology class if you are a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Adults who identify as having a disability and adults who identify as being on the autistic spectrum are especially encouraged to participate in the AASPIRE Gateway Project.

If you’re interested in participating in the AASPIRE Gateway Project, or would like to learn more about AASPIRE or the study, here are three ways you can get started:

1) Go to the study’s website at

2) Send an email to

3) Make a telephone call to Christina Nicolaidis, MD, MPH, at (503) 494-9602 or Morton Ann Gernsbacher, PhD, at (608) 262-6989.

OHSU IRB # 3762; UW IRB# SE-2008-0749

Principal Investigators: Christina Nicolaidis, MD, MPH, Oregon Health & Science University

Morton Ann Gernsbacher, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Katherine McDonald, PhD, Portland State University

Dora Raymaker, Autistic Self-Advocacy Network

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