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This year has been quite a ride for Ari Ne’eman. He was nominatedlate last year to sit on the National Council on Disabilities. His nomination was placed on hold anonymously just before the vote to confirm all the other nominees. He was later appointed to the IACC. Somehow through all of this he earned his Bachelor’s degree.

Now the news today, the anonymous hold on his nomination was removed and unanimously the Senate confirmed him to the National Council on Disabilities. (Read Disability Scoop for full details.) Having worked with Ari and the rest of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network this year to set up the Dallas Chapter of ASAN, not to mention on other projects. I’m very happy to say Congratulations Ari! No one deserves a seat more than you. Even higher congratulations are in order as well, not only was he confirmed, but he is the youngest to ever be confirmed to the Council at the ripe ‘old’ age of 22 and the first Autistic as well!

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