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ASParenting originally began as a way for Autistic parents to gather and find support and community with other Autistic parents. Along the way though, it became something different. It became a way for me to talk about my journey as an autistic parent to my autistic children. With a mixture of information about autism as a parent and as an autistic, I hope to help both non-autistic and autistic parents understand their lives more.

When I started this journey, I was only beginning to understand what was going on with me and with my boys. Since then, I’ve researched and learned more and more. I’ve changed my views, my language and asked a lot of hard questions of myself. That is reflected in what can be read here. As I’ve grown, so have my children, so has my audience.

I hope you will all continue with me in that journey. And maybe start to ask the hard questions to yourself. And of course, feel free to ask me any as well.