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To put the story simply, last year, one poor little boy endured the unimaginable. His kindergarten teacher put up for vote who in his class wanted to kick him out. They suspended the teacher. The ruling came down today that she will keep her tenure, her job and her contract.

This scares me, for kids like myself, for my kids, for the whole of the Disability community. We are not being heard. It would be one thing if we weren’t speaking up, but that’s not it at all. We are being ignored.

This is a stark reminder for me. We need to push the envelope to make ourselves understood. Otherwise, this will keep happening. We will keep being ostrisized. What’s worse is our kids will be as well.

And a brief warning, don’t read the comments following if you don’t have a strong stomach. There are some very cruel and heartless comments from so-called adults. It shows just how far we have to go to be accepted.

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