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Today is day 2 of school for the second semester. I’m happy to report that Daniel’s regular daily schedule has been set up in First-Then. The Morning Routine that came with the app has been modified to what we use. I will be adding his After School and Bedtime Routines to First-Then this afternoon. I’ve been setting up his Token board in iEarnedThat. We have tried using My Choices Board, but have decided that Daniel’s language skills are past the point of needing it. Though, I do plan on using it when he becomes frustrated as those are times he loses his communication skills.

I will be meeting with his Special Ed team lead as well as his instructional aide to train them how to use it throughout his day. As soon as they have a form to remove liability to the school, he will be able to start taking it to school. Within the next few weeks, we will be adding Stories2Learn and I will train his Speech-Language Pathologist at school on how to create those.

Daniel has used his iPad daily, even out and about. We did run into an unforeseen issue when his internet connection dropped out unexpectedly, resulting in a meltdown.  But we all know that inspite of it being a game changer, it does not mean the iPad is fool proof for all situations. I will be working on getting a few movies converted to watch on the iPad so we won’t run into that problem again.

I will update again after the training session on Friday. For now, thanks to all who have helped. If you’d like to continue to support iHelp Special Needs get iPads in the hands of Disabled children, please visit their website. All Apps linked above also credit their company. If you’re a parent of a Special Needs child, iHelp also has a giveaway for an iPod Touch 3G (previous version). I can’t thank Jennifer enough for all the work she put into helping us get the iPad, especially in time for Christmas!


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