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Before we moved back to Texas, we lived in a 5 room apartment, 2 bedrooms, two open layout rooms that were supposed to be a living room and a dining room and a eat-in kitchen. As with most parents, we kept our room somewhat off bounds to the children. I bring this up because a moment has just occurred in our new home that I don’t think would have worked out so well in the old home.

I have had a long week so really wanted some “me” time. D, my oldest, has been off because his day isn’t as structured as it would be with school. S, my youngest, is himself, but that means attached. So getting me time would not have been possible before. But instead, I am getting time right now to post this.

We have two different living areas, plus bedrooms, plus dining areas here. So while I’m in here relaxing, D is in his bedroom, in his tent, playing his Gameboy SP. Where’s S? In the other living area watching his cartoons. It won’t last for long. Someone will want some more time with someone else. But it is nice to have separate space, in separate rooms, so we can all relax a little.

I must say, this is how I imagine an Autism Independent Living neighborhood would be as well.

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