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Author: Melody

Washington Monument surrounded by flags, with a field of green grass and a few people walking. 0

Things I’ve Learned about Gaslighting

Trigger/content warning: childhood abuse, politics, gaslighting (Not about autism!) This week was the US inauguration of the 45th president. Aerial photographs have been used by both “sides” to highlight the attendance. One photo graph from the...

Hand holding a yellow stress ball. All but the ball is in grayscale. 0

Wait! Is It Regression?

So I’ve had some external stress that I can’t control recently. I’m weeding it out since it’s not really beneficial to me to stay around so off I go. But because of that, I’ve been...

Brick wall with wooden arched doors opened to show a gray safe. 1

Let’s Define Autistic Safe Space

Autistic Safe Space values the experience of veteran autistic activists. Not because they are infallible but because they’ve had way more time to unpack the ableist ideals rampant in our society. They’ve had far more...

Rainbow background with blue, yellow and pink. Includes a tree with heart leaves, two children swinging, plus a child on his tip toes, a child sitting in grass with headphones, a child twirling in a dress and a child flapping their hands, and butterflies flying with a dotted trail. 0

Autistic Activism in the Babywearing World

As many of you know, I haven’t done a lot of activism-y type stuff since leaving ASAN. Well, a couple of months ago a company called Butterfly Kisses Baby Boutique had been approached to design...

Did You Know You’re Disabled?

So I want to discuss something today. Something that’s confusing for autistic people. Especially newly discovered autistic people. Did you know you’re disabled? Yes. It’s okay. Disability is not a dirty word. It’s not a...


Informational Series: An Introduction

It’s National Novel Writing Month. I’ve been saying for like 6 or 7 years now that I want to write an autistic book. I don’t plan to write a novel, but a nonfiction for parents....


Society is so Inaccessible..

(Quoted with permission) “Its just been difficult accepting that he may have a harder life than others,” was said in a group this morning. You see, I joined a new autism group on Facebook. Neurodiversity...


Stop Making Things Harder

This weekend, suddenly, it hit me how bad things have gotten. I’m beyond stressed and functioning at the bare minimum. I’ve started this blog post 5 times over the past week and a half in...