Keeping Up with Social Interaction

Since the school year started, I’ve been busy taking baby Olivia around to different baby and me type things. We go to weekly storytime and a group at the mall. All are things geared toward her age group, ie, under 1 year old. I’ve also trying to keep active at the school.

What I’ve noticed though is that while I’m sorta able to keep up socially, I’m more drained than I ever remember being before. Sure, social interaction has always drained me, but I don’t remember it being THIS draining. It may just be amplified because of, well, having a baby.… Read more.

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8 months pregnant and Autistic

***Disclaimer: This may have some information that you don’t want to know about my pregnancy.***

I am just under 5 weeks from delivering Baby #3, Olivia. As an out autistic mother, I’ve been asked from time to time about my pregnancy experiences by autistic women who have wanted information on this life changing event. For the most part, I try to give honest answers. Well, today, for those who continue to be curious about this, I’m going to explain what’s going on that I think holds a unique challenge for autistic women.

I’m on day 5 of baby-movement-induced insomnia. This does not mean I haven’t been getting any sleep.… Read more.

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Autism Rates (Revisited)

(Originally posted as a Facebook post; reposting here nearly a month after the fact so that the information is easily linkable)

I want to direct everyone’s attention to 3 studies that were done with regards to prevalence rates and autism. These 3 studies are older but quite significant.

  1. South Korea prevalence study, May 2011:

    Significance: They looked at ALL students whether they had been provided with special education services prior or not. Large sample size of 55,000 students ages 7 through 12. They found the rate was 1 in 38.

  2. College students on the Autism Spectrum prevalence study, May 2011:

    Significance: The study looked at a large sample of 667 at a single university.
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Did you know….

Did you know…

….tomorrow starts Autism “Awareness” month?

….Wednesday is World Autism Awareness Day?

….that the messages that came out of last week’s prevalence rates are damaging to Autistic people?

….that the messages that will come out in the month to come are even worse?

….that this is usually the month that I ward off Facebook, social media sites, and general autism information all together?

….that I am so happy that I’m no longer working for any autism/autistic organization so don’t have to be exposed to all of the crap at work all day, all night?

The truth is, this month that we are upon is dreaded by most Autistic people.… Read more.

1 in 68 with 1:5 girl-boy

Another CDC post to add to your mix… forgive me…

CDC release

CDC Surveillance Summary

I want to state two things before I get into what I’m actually posting about.

  1. This is not an epidemic. (Statement can also be read as “Vaccines don’t cause autism.”)
  2. Yes, the data is from 2010, but that doesn’t make it outdated. Please remember that 2010 had to end. Individual sites had to compile their data. Those sites then had to send to the CDC. The CDC had to compile that data. Then CDC had to go through records. Then they had to come up with a way to present the information.
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